India Mini-DebConf 2011

When: August 13th - 15th
Where: Pune, India
More Info:

VALU (VIT Active Linux Users) and CoFSUG (COEP Free Software Users Group) are organizing a Mini-DebConf at Pune, India. This event will welcome everyone with an interest in the Debian project for a series of talks and workshops about Debian. The main goal of this event is encourage people in contributing to Debian by bringing existing Debian contributors as mentors: Listen, Learn and Practice is the event's motto!

The India Mini-DebConf 2011 will be held at Vishwakarma Institute of Technology of Pune.

Debian Involvement

There will be several talks and workshops, as well as a special Q&A session about Debian and a keysigning party.

Main Coordinator: Praveen

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