LinuxTag 2008 -- Report

Just a small review of last weeks LinuxTag in Berlin, Germany.

Short: it was fun, not empty and more people asked _how many_ people asked about the SSL problem than people asking about the SSL problem.;)

We shared the booth with the well known FAI project. Setup was done on Tuesday by Paul Sladen, Thomas Lange and me and everything we needed were there. We had a beamer, a PC, Internet, a EEE PC and a FAI setup with a FAI server (=laptop) and a FAI Client machine. On all days I didn't had the impression it were empty or boring. There were always somebody there who wanted to get answers to her/his question or to talk with.

Nobody told me they are angry about the SSL problem just everybody had alot of work with it. Only three or four asked me about information or details of the SSL problem. More people were interested how many people asked about SSL. Somebody asked if Kurt Roeckx is still working in Debian and he was glad that he is.

We answered the question about the lenny / 5.0 release with fall 2008.

We pointed alot of people to if they asked for documentation or more info and alot of them didn't know this good source of information. Maybe we should link it on the start page?

We had two EEE PCs which got alot of question about installing and running Debian on it and we pointed them the the wiki page and told them our experience with this device and Debian.

We were not enough people to help people practically on their laptops/machines to fix problems which can be improved next time but depends on the booth staff.

Ian Murdock visited us on Friday:

We bought drinks for the booth staff and LinuxTag distributed sponsored food to the projects so we could eat, drink and talk the whole day.;)

Thanks alot to Bastian, Nico, Paul, Ralf, Roland, Thomas and the people I forgot for their help running the booth!

See you soon somewhere.

Noèl Köthe