When: June 23rd - 26th
Where: Karlsruhe, Germany
More Info:

LinuxTag is the largest and most important exhibition and conference in Europe, which covers Free Software and GNU/Linux. Four years ago the event has interested about 17,000 visitors, 19,500 people were counted last year. The motto is Where .com meets .org. LinuxTag combines both a community event as well as a professional exhibition with large amounts of business and a high quality gratis conference program.

Debian Involvement

The Debian project will be present with a booth. It will be located in the middle of the regular exhibition space alongside with company booths. After a long time this is another opportunity to put a large number of names and email addresses to faces and personalities. The Debian Project will show its distribution running on different hardware platforms, but most non-i386 architectures will be demonstrated on the Linux Ports booth. Many developers will staff the booth.

A one-day conference called Debian day may be held on Thursday, aiming at developers and interested users.

Additionally the Debian Project will demonstrate Debian installation daily at 11am, 2pm and 5pm.

Last but not least the Debian Project will again hand out - thanks to their sponsors - a LinuxTag special edition disc. This time a DVD of the upcoming stable release codenamed "sarge", dual bootable for the x86 and the PowerPC architecture. There will be burned CDs available for other architectures.

Main Coordinator: Jörg Jaspert

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