Linux Bangalore

When: December 2nd - 4th
Where: Bangalore, India
More Info:

Linux Bangalore/2003 is the premiere Linux/OpenSource event in India, which brings together enthusiasts from all around the country for a 3 day Applied Technology Conference. LB/2003 will feature talks and demos by national and international speakers that cover a diverse spectrum of Linux related technologies ranging from Kernel-hacking and Embedded systems to Desktop Environments and Localisation to Databases and Web Applications to Gaming and Multimedia.

Linux Bangalore/200x is an annual event facilitated by the Bangalore Linux Users Group.

Debian Involvement

Bdale Garbee, HP Linux CTO and a former Debian Project Leader, will give a talk about the ports of Debian to the hppa and ia64 architectures, and HP's ongoing relationship with Debian.

Main Coordinator: Bdale Garbee