Debian Birthday Parties

When: August 16th - 17th
Where: Several countries
More Info:

On the 16th of August this year the Debian project turns ten. This, of course, is a reason to celebrate. Several parties are planned around the Globus, organised by different people at different locations.

Debian Involvement

The following list only contains large birthday parties. There are more smaller ones, birthday dinners and LUG parties organised. Please follow the "More Info" link above for more information.

Alongside the main "real life" parties, there will also be celebrations being held on IRC in #debian-party on, uniting those at parties around the globe and those unfortunate enough not able to go to a "real" party.

Czech Republic
Where: Brno
What: Celebration
Registration: required
Where: Turku
What: Birthday meeting
Registration: required
Where: Wallenrod
What: Barbecue and party
Registration: required

Where: Berlin
What: Party outside
Info: BUUG

United Kingdom
Where: Cambridge
What: Party and barbecue
Information: Wiki

Main Coordinator: several people

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