UKUUG Linux 2003 Conference

When: July 31st - August 3rd
Where: Edinburgh, United Kingdom
More Info:

A wide cross-section of the Linux community will gather in Edinburgh this summer for the UK Unix User Group's annual Linux technical conference. It's a great way to keep up-to-date with what's happening in the world of Linux and to broaden your knowledge. The low-cost event attracts Linux professionals, systems administrators, developers and enthusiasts from companies, universities and Linux User Groups all over the UK, along with a significant number of visitors from Europe, the US and beyond.

Debian Involvement

A large number of Debian developers will attend the conference. There will also be a wide range of Debian related talks. The current Debian project leader, Martin Michlmayr, will talk about managing Debian, followed by a talk by Bdale Garbee on portability from a Debian perspective. Furthermore, Aaron Crane will give a presentation on mass unattended GNU/Linux installations using Progeny's auto-installer and Klaus Weidner will cover Debian on Handheld Computers.

Main Coordinator: Phil Hands

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