Webb.it 2003 -- Report

This year the webb.it was held from 9th to 11th of May in Padova (Padua), Italy. There where two large exhibition areas. One of them hosted "commercial" sponsors while the other one hosted the community islands. Debian and a lot of other Free Software groups were donated several booths near the OpenBSD and BeOS people. Both areas had about 20 rooms were people from various communities and from companies held a total of 1000+ workshops.

During the opening hours we meet a lot of people interested in Free Software, installed Debian on some machines, signed GPG keys, participated (and held) workshops and showed to visitors a cluster of 4 Xbox machines running Debian.

During the nights members of various communities gathered to hack (a little), chat (some in real life, some on IRC) and enjoy Padova.

A big thank to all Debian developers and users that participated.

Some photos taken by various people.

Federico Di Gregorio