Debian Mini-Conf

When: January 20th - 21st
Where: Perth, Australia
More Info:

Linux.Conf.Au (LCA2003) to be held in Perth, Australia from January 22th to 25th, 2003, is the most important Linux conference in Australia. Associated with the main conference is a Debian Mini-Conf which will attract some of the most well known Debian developers from around the world.

The Debian mini Conference at LCA 2003 is a gathering of various Debian developers and users in the region, directly preceding the Australian national Linux conference. It will take place from 20th to 21st of January.

Debian Involvement

The schedule for the Debian Mini-Conf already includes topics such as integrity checking of Debian mirrors, package validation, package caching, non-attended network installs and management of large numbers of Debian machines using cfengine.

Time has been allocated to keysigning, giving participants a chance to meet other developers in person while extending and strengthening the Web of Trust.

Main Coordinator: Jonathan Oxer

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