When: October 1st - 3rd
Where: Luxembourg
More Info:

The aim of the Linuxdays is to promote and support the Open Source & Free Software movement. The basic idea of Open Source & Free Software is that developers around the world distribute, modify and test their software via the internet, resulting in products often exceeding the quality of commercial software. The power and cumulated knowledge of the Open Source & Free Software Community ensures that new features are implemented very quickly and that bugs are fixed the moment they are discovered. In order to promote the Open Source & Free Software Idea and to bring it to the Luxembourg public, a group of research scientists from the Centre de Recherche Public Henri Tudor in collaboration with the Linux User Group Luxembourg is organizing the second Linuxdays in Luxembourg.

Debian Involvement

The Debian project has been invited to participate in this event and demonstrate the operating system at a booth. Additionally, Andreas Tille will give a talk about the Debian-Med sub project and another talk covering internal projects within Debian.

Main Coordinator: Andreas Tille

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