Webb.it 2002

When: July 5th - 7th
Where: Padova, Italy
More Info: http://www.webb.it/

From passion to profession: Webb.it is the largest italian meeting about computers and technology for hobbyists and professionals alike. Webb.it is an event dedicated to software development and programming, web design and graphics, new media, hardware, networking and even marketing and business.

About 1000 "resident" participants will attend Webb.it with their computers, to live and sleep in the Arena, always connected to the high-speed intranet, with a 156Mbits connection to the internet. Others will be there to attend some of the more than 300 workshops or to just hang around in the area outside of the arena where the sponsors and various companies will have their booths.

Debian Involvement

Debian will be present with some space in the Free Software booth (outside of the arena) and with an "island" inside the arena. The island will be designated by a 4m tall totem with Debian spirals on it (and some posters with information about Debian activities at the Webb.it.)

Some Debian developers and enthusiasts will be at the show to install GNU/Linux on visitors' machines and help anybody wishing to switch from proprietary to free software. After a long time this is another opportunity to put names and email addresses to faces and personalities.

Main Coordinator: Federico Di Gregorio

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