LinuxTag 2000

When: June 29 - July 2
Where: Stuttgart, Germany
More Info:

LinuxTag is one of the biggest Linux events in Europe. There were about 7000 visitors last year and there will be even more this year. This is also a reason why the event moved from the University of Kaiserslautern, Germany to Stuttgart. LinuxTag aimes for the beginners but also for the advanced users and business men. So, everybody should gain something from visiting the Linuxtag.

Debian Involvement

Debian will be present with a booth. It will be located in the free software group's hall where also the other free software projects are. Last year we were about 20 people, maybe we can top this this year :-). There is also a mailing list which discusses the presentation of Debian at events. It is just a mailinglist for events in Germany. If you are not a native German speaker, don't worry, stuff which could also bother other people is discussed in English like preparing for LinuxTag :-).

Main Coordinator: Othmar Pasteka

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