Virginia Tech InstallFest

When: December 5
Where: Blacksburg, Va.
More Info:

The Linux/Unix Users' Group of Virginia Tech, located in Blacksburg, Va., is holding a Linux/*BSD InstallFest. We'll be installing from 10:30 AM till 3:30 PM on Saturday, December 5th, 1998. The InstallFest will be located in Brush Mountain Room B in Squires Student Center (the university student union building, a.k.a. SUB) on the campus of Virginia Tech.

An InstallFest is a one day event where PC owners can bring their systems in to a central location to have an alternate operating system installed for a "test-drive." In most cases, Linux, FreeBSD, etc., can be installed on a user's hard drive and the system configured so that s/he can "dual-boot" to both WindowsTM and the new OS. That way you can try out Linux or BSD without losing the ability to run WindowsTM while you're still learning about your new OS.

We plan to install Debian, Red Hat, Slackware, perhaps SuSE and Caldera, and also FreeBSD, with perhaps NetBSD or OpenBSD if there is demand. We expect to perform between 15 and 21 installations in five hours.

Pre-registration is *mandatory* and can be done in person or by downloading the application/waiver form and e-mailing it in. The application contacts are Rob Nelson <> and Clemmitt Sigler <>. No pre-registration, no installation, no exceptions. We have to know what hardware and how many installs to expect. Note that installation availability is on a first-come, first-served basis, so please apply early! We will turn away overflow crowds and point them to our Spring InstallFest.

You should plan to present identification at the door and check in and out of the InstallFest room itself because we want to ensure security for people who bring their PCs to the InstallFest. Our two main goals are professional, easy-to-use OS installations and protection of the hardware people bring to the event for an installation or loan to L/UUG of VT for our use.

For directions, e-mail us. Generally, we're located about 35 miles SW of Roanoke, Virginia, about 50 miles east of Bluefield, West Virginia, and about 200 miles ENE of Knoxville, Tennessee. We're located conveniently close to US Interstate 81, on US Route 460. Check out to pull up maps of the region around Blacksburg, Va.

After the InstallFest is over, we'll be holding a networked Quake demo with the Va. Tech Gaming Association while others clean up. Everyone is welcome to watch or play Quake after 3:30 PM, but until then we'll only admit people getting or working on installations. Everything must be over and done with and gone by 5:30 PM. We hope to see you there!

Linux/Unix Users' Group
of Virginia Tech

Debian Involvement

Debian would like to contribute some CDs for this event, and, if possible, have some people to help install and demonstrate Debian on hand.

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