Chapter 3. Issues to discuss

The following points are discussions about the policy, either because they have to be studied more, or are controversial.

  • Name and existence of the repository. It was removed in the latest version.

  • Minimal version of the class version files (50 for Java 6, 51 for Java 7, etc)

  • The symbolic links in /usr/share/java be made by a script instead, similar to the c-libraries.

  • Core classes (java.*). More study needed.

  • All jars must have a good CLASSPATH documentation, but how should it be documented. The best solution is probably in some computer parsable format to make it even easier for the developer.

    It should exist some tool to parse this. How should it work?

    Should the tool also be used to create the necessary symbolic links needed by servlets under tomcat?

  • Should there be a default CLASSPATH, similar to a repository? Which jars should be included in that? A standard and one optional part? If there are a default CLASSPATH (in the wrapper) how should it be overridden?

  • How to check for a good enough JVM, and to select a proper one to use. Are /etc/alternatives not good enough?

  • Should the JVM internal classes be possible to override entirely and how?