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Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999 12:59:10 +0100
From: Paolo Didonè <>
To: Joey Hess <>
Subject: Re: debian weekly news needs your help


Ciao Joey!

We are ready and this is the announce we were talking about:


PROSA Debian GNU/Linux 2.1 has been released!

PROSA Debian is  a distribution based entirely on pre-Debian  2.1. It is
intended  for Italian  users: the  installation  is in  Italian, and  it
includes all the latest docs and man pages available in Italian.

Amongst other advanced features, PROSA Debian:

Includes  only free  software, as  defined by  the Debian  Free Software
Guidelines, as well as free non-us software.

Contains  a very  recent release  of GNOME,  as well  as GNOME  .30 (the
latest 'stable' Debian release).

Has  some packages  which have  been rebuilt  using the  latest upstream
sources, in order to provide users with the latest features.

The number  of package has  been reduced, to  meet the needs  of Italian
users  without the  overhead  of a  multi-CD  installation. The  careful
selection of software packages makes it  possible for Prosa Srl to offer
commercial support on all the software we distribute.

PROSA Debian is distributed together  with a book: "Athena Linux", which
covers major Linux  issues, from Debian installation, to  LaTeX. You can
find out  more information about  the book  (sorry, only in  italian) at,  and  more  information about  the  distribution  at

>>> PROSA Progettazione Sviluppo Aperto

PROSA is a company entirely  devoted to providing commercial support for
free software: all software we use, produce, or sell is free software.



| Paolo Didonè - - Tel: 049.660.519
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Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 13:26:22 -0500
From: Nils Lohner <>
Subject: Debian GNU/Linux 2.0r5 released

Debian GNU/Linux
Debian GNU/Linux 2.0r5 released
February 17, 1999

>> News

Debian GNU/Linux 2.0r5 has been released. This release contains security
and bug fixes for the 2.0 'Hamm' distribution. A changelog is available at
<> and contains a list
of all changes since the release of the 2.0r4 version.  Installation
instructions and other related information is available at

>> About Debian

The Debian project is an organization of many users who volunteer
their time and effort.  Its tasks include maintaining and updating Debian
GNU/Linux which is a free distribution of the GNU/Linux operating system,
and the development of the Debian GNU/Hurd operating system.

>> Contact Information

For further information, please send email to the Debian Press Contact
<> or visit the Debian homepage at <>

Nils Lohner				E-Mail:
Debian Press Contact                    Press:

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Date: Sat, 20 Feb 1999 20:33:13 -0500
From: Branden Robinson <>
Subject: Final test build of XFree86 for slink -- PLEASE TEST

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Sorry for the wide crossposting.

XFree86 is available at

If there are no problems with it, it will be rebuilt tomorrow with the
changelog edited to change its Debian version to -11, and uploaded to

I cannot stress how important it is that this release be tested.

I have abandoned two of my goals for the slink release because it is too

  1) The merging of a lot of patches from the xlib6g buglist regarding
     locales and XKB data.  These are not release critical, and I'm pushing
     the envelope enough as it is.  I am sorry to neglect Debian users who
     do not use ISO-8859-1 by default in this manner, but addressing these bugs
     is very, very high on my priority list for potato X.
  2) There will be no bogus xfnt* or xslib(g) packages that depend upon
     their counterparts with new names.[1]

Thanks especially to Anders Hammarquist, Ben Collins, and Robert Woodcock
for helping me realize the other two goals I had for final slink X
(packages ready for alpha and sparc without modification, and making
xf86config and XF86Setup aware of /etc/X11/Xsession).

[1] Jason Gunthorpe, apt author, has assured me in no uncertain terms that
    Santiago Vila's proposal to create bogus packages with the names of
    the old font and static library packages is the wrong solution because
    apt cannot be guaranteed to do the right thing.
    Indeed the scenario of:
       package A depends on package B
       package B conflicts with package A
    is pathological.  The existing Conflicts: of the new font and static
    library packages with the old is completely within the spirit and
    letter of the Debian packaging manual.  To create bogus packages would
    not be.  This issue is best addressed with something like an
    auto-upgrade script.  I am willing to work with anyone who would like
    to develop a solution that is not abusive of the packaging system.
    This is a problem that must be solved outside the existing packaging
    system.  Any bugs filed against the X packages complaining about this
    will be closed or reassigned.  Sorry to sound defensive, but I have
    been harassed enough about it.  In retrospect, it was a mistake to
    rename the packages, but that genie is out of the bottle.  In practice,
    this problem is not grave because the contents of the font and static
    library packages have not changed substantively since they were renamed.

G. Branden Robinson              |
Debian GNU/Linux                 |    The software said it required Windows           |    3.1 or better, so I installed Linux. |

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Format: 1.5
Date: Sat, 20 Feb 1999 16:25:08 -0500
Source: xfree86
Binary: xfonts-100dpi xfree86-common xserver-i128 xmanpages xserver-common xlib6 xfonts-cjk xext xserver-xsun xfonts-base xserver-svga xmh xserver-8514 xprt xterm xbase xserver-p9000 xsm xserver-tga xlib6g-dev twm xfonts-75dpi xlib6-static xserver-agx xf86setup xserver-mach64 rstart xserver-vga16 xlib6g-static xserver-s3 xserver-fbdev rstartd xfonts-scalable xdm xfonts-cyrillic xlib6g xserver-mach8 xserver-xsun24 xserver-xsun-mono xfs xbase-clients xlib6-altdev xnest xserver-mono xvfb xserver-w32 xserver-s3v xserver-mach32 xproxy xfonts-pex
Architecture: source all i386 i386 alpha
Distribution: frozen unstable
Urgency: high
Maintainer: Branden Robinson <>
 rstart     - X remote start client
 rstartd    - X remote start daemon
 twm        - Tab window manager
 xbase      - XFree86 upgrade convenience package
 xbase-clients - miscellaneous X clients
 xdm        - X display manager
 xext       - extensions to X servers
 xf86setup  - X server configuration tools
 xfonts-100dpi - 100 dpi fonts for X servers
 xfonts-75dpi - 75 dpi fonts for X servers
 xfonts-base - standard fonts for X servers
 xfonts-cjk - Chinese, Japanese, and Korean fonts for X servers
 xfonts-cyrillic - Cyrillic fonts for X servers
 xfonts-pex - fonts for minimal PEX support in X servers
 xfonts-scalable - scalable fonts for X servers
 xfree86-common - X Window System (XFree86) infrastructure
 xfs        - X font server
 xlib6      - shared libraries required by libc5 X clients
 xlib6-altdev - include files and libraries for libc5 X client development
 xlib6-static - statically linked versions of the libraries in xlib6
 xlib6g     - shared libraries required by X clients
 xlib6g-dev - include files and libraries for X client development
 xlib6g-static - statically linked versions of the libraries in xlib6g
 xmanpages  - manual pages for X developers
 xmh        - X interface to MH mail system
 xnest      - nested X server
 xproxy     - X proxy services
 xprt       - X print server
 xserver-8514 - X server for ATI 8514/A-based graphics cards
 xserver-agx - X server for IBM XGA and IIT AGX-based graphics cards
 xserver-common - files and utilities common to all X servers
 xserver-i128 - X server for Number Nine Imagine 128 graphics cards
 xserver-mach32 - X server for ATI Mach32-based graphics cards
 xserver-mach64 - X server for ATI Mach64-based graphics cards
 xserver-mach8 - X server for ATI Mach8-based graphics cards
 xserver-mono - X server for monochrome graphics cards and/or monitors
 xserver-p9000 - X server for Weitek P9000-based graphics cards
 xserver-s3 - X server for S3 chipset-based graphics cards
 xserver-s3v - X server for S3 ViRGE and ViRGE/VX-based graphics cards
 xserver-svga - X server for SVGA graphics cards
 xserver-vga16 - X server for VGA graphics cards
 xserver-w32 - X server for Tseng ET4000/W32 and ET6000-based graphics cards
 xsm        - X session manager
 xterm      - X terminal emulator
 xvfb       - virtual framebuffer X server
 xfree86 ( frozen unstable; urgency=HIGH
   * With any luck, final release for slink.
   * Thanks to Anders Hammarquist, Steve Dunham, Christian Meder and Mike
     Shuey for the Alpha and Sparc architecture patches (affected too many
     files to list)
   * Thanks to Ben Collins for patches to XF86Setup
     + programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/XF86Setup/card.tcl: do not let people
       configure servers that are not installed, and be able to read
       gzipped X server README files
     + programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/XF86Setup/{phase[145].tcl,setuplib.tcl}:
       write to /etc/X11/Xserver instead of juggling symlink, and skip
       checks for various installed files
   * programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/ change "DisableVidMode" to
     "DisableVidModeExtension" for consistency with actual use by X server
   * programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/xf86config.c: correct typo (Fixes: #32946)
   * debian/control: changed dependency of rstart and rstartd from "netstd |
     ssh" to "netstd", since ssh is non-free
   * debian/control: fix some conflicts and replaces (Fixes: #33045)
   * debian/create-server: make symlinks to gzipped chipset README files,
     which actually exist (Fixes: #33080)
   * debian/xbase/README.Debian: minor updates
   * debian/xdm/README.Debian: minor updates
   * debian/xdm/Xsetup_0: fix typo (s/
     (thanks, Greg Stark) (Fixes: #33640)
   * debian/xdm/init: change grep -s to grep -qs (thanks, David Rocher)
     (Fixes: #33573)
   * debian/xdm/prerm: suppress ps | grep output differently to avoid
     SIGPIPE (thanks, Robert Woodcock)
   * debian/xdm/xdm.options.5: removed "HISTORY" section
   * debian/xfree86-common/FAQ: major expansion; now a useful document
   * debian/xfree86-common/README.Debian: minor updates
   * debian/xfree86-common/Xsession: quote $realstartup variable in -z test
     (Fixes: #33026)
   * debian/xfree86-common/Xsession: use ssh-agent if it is found and if
     $SSH_AUTH_SOCK is not already set (Fixes: #33136)
   * debian/xfree86-common/Xsession: clean up ssh-agent usage since we now
     only ever launch one X client directly (thanks, David Luyer and Wichert)
   * debian/xfs/README.Debian: minor updates
   * debian/xfs/xfs.options: default to "no-restart-on-upgrade" (Fixes:
   * debian/xserver-common/parse-xf86config: new version,
     - Monitor/Mode/Flags: Fixed quotes "", which apply to single flags, not
       whole line (reported by Rene Hojbjerg Larsen) (Fixes: #33021)
     - Fixed bug: DisableVidMode -> DisableVidModeExtension (Fixes: #33133)
   * debian/xserver-common/xserver-configure: be more paranoid with string
   * debian/xserver-common/xserver-configure: reverse sense of test; if NOT
     sourced, then exit
 491236e7829b0139570f44248ccc50a7 889 x11 optional xfree86_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2.dsc
 cd33c96c895bffbc5458e32acbe0d61e 266865 x11 optional xfree86_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2.diff.gz
 51b4a9642d705b3def1694dec327f9ea 756166 oldlibs optional xlib6_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2_i386.deb
 5684e4e5031d35b2b8a5ef5908a65b57 627734 oldlibs optional xlib6-altdev_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2_i386.deb
 5f7d0c6d39f3638a84b26cd634d92826 861702 oldlibs optional xlib6-static_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2_i386.deb
 e3a296338576298ab76e2287ce82b24e 31026 x11 optional rstart_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2_i386.deb
 43168a42d4cf8d9eaee5906e68e12208 42056 x11 optional rstartd_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2_i386.deb
 0490bb920222d2c30bd9dadbba7fb7e3 109834 x11 optional twm_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2_i386.deb
 ef2bfb291e8b4e592b893377e04f0069 912540 x11 optional xbase-clients_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2_i386.deb
 c64c369767c70f35f5aa38d7c25cdfb6 99880 x11 optional xdm_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2_i386.deb
 98f8a954081aa56b8487d15d0ae44b14 427368 x11 optional xext_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2_i386.deb
 ae535b227606f2f09e164cca0c8b6a62 598256 x11 optional xf86setup_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2_i386.deb
 1cbf1d35745b27985cb4052c48af931a 180082 x11 optional xfs_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2_i386.deb
 9d5c4461a49b149d4612ee1f3ee8850f 943782 x11 standard xlib6g_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2_i386.deb
 bccc8c0e5d7f9ab400f8c666e3d15488 630226 x11 optional xlib6g-dev_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2_i386.deb
 55ef3f42f3a0da6c29f0845c0602fce4 877750 x11 optional xlib6g-static_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2_i386.deb
 e9d2c8e88de232a394ff8559acc69560 92442 mail extra xmh_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2_i386.deb
 9812668aef7d173359b4fa2e7ffb3b6c 860046 x11 optional xnest_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2_i386.deb
 f45291dcc8d465d7d2e01d9e57de7550 121302 x11 optional xproxy_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2_i386.deb
 3ab5f204a50dbf5dda51e315642869fd 1069764 x11 optional xprt_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2_i386.deb
 e3d85d7073ff5a44a0b53c0693203d96 371416 x11 optional xserver-common_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2_i386.deb
 fba33b18374e430fc2ee1932ad11804c 706004 x11 optional xserver-8514_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2_i386.deb
 fe4a750de775eda5de4e3e22c1c6c972 779214 x11 optional xserver-agx_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2_i386.deb
 a0df147518457d3cb3efe7e9b1268473 870018 x11 optional xserver-i128_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2_i386.deb
 e6760d18b2b784cff43fd2c8dc9c72d2 765740 x11 optional xserver-mach32_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2_i386.deb
 b3ea95bff0bb9758db0f1228f94e9b04 809496 x11 optional xserver-mach64_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2_i386.deb
 8b687d2023ac2eeccf1566ae7803af0a 710002 x11 optional xserver-mach8_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2_i386.deb
 13d475e9b4a18dafd806eecdb92bf62a 764940 x11 optional xserver-mono_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2_i386.deb
 2bd0661dd6a71b2c93ca1c78a149dfef 787826 x11 optional xserver-p9000_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2_i386.deb
 e13adc8453b6d6b553f32b7a10e61b8d 963978 x11 optional xserver-s3_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2_i386.deb
 1be69f6aa390436150d50e58dfd1b607 865582 x11 optional xserver-s3v_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2_i386.deb
 47f2ed530b7f4aedb51fd0d28faed24e 1193376 x11 optional xserver-svga_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2_i386.deb
 21c6d1089dedc72b40a5abc5c54cba9f 773914 x11 optional xserver-vga16_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2_i386.deb
 eb050238d35749ba5ee0455ae9fe91f5 721742 x11 optional xserver-w32_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2_i386.deb
 38c8ce8898a229f21eeb018c2dc2de26 74258 x11 optional xsm_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2_i386.deb
 472dfdbb23ac380daffd0e1057c87dea 156196 x11 optional xterm_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2_i386.deb
 bde49657d08dea0df3c05c61df8eac9b 1052880 x11 optional xvfb_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2_i386.deb
 0fb77f3c40f5ab5e6b6afac91dd26b9e 28602 oldlibs extra xbase_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2_all.deb
 cba9e150bf92ba5fd1eb8818da6ae2af 232094 x11 optional xfonts-base_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2_all.deb
 88b9af39d830aa3610f495ab79692d5c 2240162 x11 optional xfonts-cjk_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2_all.deb
 51f11a0b019ef6ee36cf6632c3c538ae 1094234 x11 optional xfonts-75dpi_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2_all.deb
 62878569420e0173157d78da6222e0c2 1266846 x11 optional xfonts-100dpi_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2_all.deb
 7c6374d20936f65718bdba7bac8a922e 37110 x11 optional xfonts-pex_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2_all.deb
 dc76a126f605a69a959494d613940329 1152626 x11 optional xfonts-scalable_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2_all.deb
 68e1aa57fab6a43fb9229e432c383198 394874 x11 optional xfonts-cyrillic_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2_all.deb
 1cf0f69510120ec938560657a1aabdb3 121626 x11 standard xfree86-common_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2_all.deb
 3052ffeaaa5fdf048667fa2a80f4a862 908526 x11 optional xmanpages_3.3.2.3a-10pre11v2_all.deb


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